21st Century Renaissance Man

Jan 14, 2004

Clearview Community Church

A Place for Everyone!
Clearview Community Church, a new church in an old building is a place where people of all backgrounds can come and experience the love of God. At Clearview we welcome all people. People of every color, language, piercing and preference can find a church home where they are loved and accepted. Our genuine desire is to build a place where people can come and discover the good news of Jesus in a relaxing, non-judgmental environment. If you have ever felt like going to church would make things worse or that you would not be accepted at church – Clearview is the place for you.

A Place for Families!
If you are a single mom or a family with a lot of kids - Clearview is the place for you. At Clearview we know the struggles of raising a family in today’s world.  The last thing you want to do on Sunday is worry about how your kids will act and whether or not you will be judged by their behavior.  We understand kids and we don’t make them sit quietly for two hours expecting them to not talk or move. At Clearview we believe that kids are a vital part of the church and we welcome their presence!

A Place for Leaders!
Have been told you are too young to be in leadership or that your ideas are a little edgy – Clearview is the place for you. There is no box at Clearview Community Church. Our vision is to build a 21st century church and no idea, big or small, will go unheard. We are looking for new ways to reach people through music, drama, art, technology and more.

A Place for You!

This world can be a rough place and we all need a place where we can find safety, friendship and guidance.  You may have tried church in the past and found it to be boring, irrelevant and non-friendly. Whatever you have thought about church in the past you can leave at home when you join us this Sunday because Clearview is the place for you.