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Apr 23, 2013

Enhanced AdWords Integrating with Social Media & Apps

As part of Google’s ongoing transition, Enhanced Campaigns have received a number of tweaks, making it easier for them to work in tandem with social media. Users with Enhanced Campaigns now enjoy automatic integration with their Google+ account if both page and ad are linked to the same valid URL. Previously, social annotations had to be employed and manually setup, but with Enhanced Adwords, your follower count on Google+ is always posted alongside your ad without additional cost. There are, of course, criteria to meet: for most businesses, this will mean at least 100 active followers and recent posts that are both content and quality rich.
Perhaps the most important, though understated feature, is the new ability of Enhanced Campaigns to target users while they are engaged with their apps. These in-app adds will have similar controls as regular AdWords, with managers being able to bid for time, place, and context.

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