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May 24, 2013

Professional SEO Services Are Becoming More Valuable

A recent Search Engine Land article, in conjunction with a Portent study, shows that Google is tightening the belt on link quality. Now, if 50% or more of a site’s incoming links are deemed to be spam, those sites will be penalized. While Search Engine Land appears to be casting this trend in a negative light, claiming that 4 of the Web’s top 50 sites are in danger of being penalized under the new criteria, SEO professionals should take heart from all this. It’s not uncommon for SEO newcomers to fall into old blackhat advice or sign up for services that generate nothing but spam links. By pursuing higher standards, Google is making the work of optimizing and maintaining a site that much more valuable. It should be well established that simply accruing links will not help your ranking, but there is now a growing demand for managing existing backlinks, ensuring that sites are not being referenced by harmful sources. As Google’s Penguin updates continue to alter the landscape, the true cost of owning, operating, and optimizing a website will come down to the creativity and tenacity of its webmasters.

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