21st Century Renaissance Man

Jul 31, 2013


We utilize Hootsuite for our social media management and it is a very powerful tool. Brian Paxton who works with me a Side 2 Integrated Marketing is a certified professional and has been teaching me to utilize better.  Currently I have 10 of my personal social media accounts linked into one screen along with our companies and clients feeds as well.

The great thing about it is it gives you a unified "overhead view" of all your social media and allows you to manage and track a plethora of data.  It also helps us track the pulse of our clients customers and react quickly to hot trends.

I think we have only scratched the surface of what we can do with Hootsuite but already it has become a valuable tool in our belt for reputation management, social media campaigns and more.

Jul 30, 2013

Google SEO

If you are "in the field" then the name Matt Cutts may sound familiar.  He is the head of Google's Webspam team.  He writes a blog and it is filled with rich information.  Check it out: http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/

Jul 29, 2013

1800Doorbell.com Campaign

I have continued to work on the 1800doorbell.com campaign.   Producing original or pertinent content is often a challenge, sometimes you resort to funny:   Knock Knock Jokes and sometimes to the random: Ode to Doorbells.

Of Course you often will write articles for a site hoping that the content is good enough to get picked up and included among the posts you have content about your product: Summer Home Projects.

I also continue to put up quality content on the sites blog.

Then there is the social media: Facebook, Twitter, etc...

I am working on an affiliate program and of course our viral videos will soon be done.

"To seek to find and never to yield" - I will continue to fight the good fight and get my client the search results his sight is worthy of!

Jul 26, 2013

Forums: Back on the Rise?

It has come down the grapevine here at Side2 that in certain cases forums are coming back in to SEO relevancy. There are reports of people coming in 5th, 7th, 10th in the SERPs, where the top four or eight results are forum posts dating from as far back as 4 years ago. It appears that for certain search terms relating to lists or answers, Google is starting to value user-collated content more, and that means forums and pages like Yahoo! Answers and Stack Exchange. Even a recent blog post with Google Authorship and a high page rank may come out below forum topics in these sorts of searches. Does that mean everyone needs a forum for a successful website? Surely not, but if you plan on building a community, a forum certainly wouldn’t hurt.
Here are some (free!) forum software to get you started:
*Vanilla is free software, but hosting and support costs money. Luckily you can get one without the other!

Jul 24, 2013

For Faster, Easier PPC Use Adwords Scripts

Running an Adwords campaign can be a lot of work. Sometimes if feels like a constant job, making sure that budgets aren’t hit too early while still getting your ads the up-time you need them to have.

At least, it would feel that way, if AdWords Scripts didn’t exist. Google provides an API, implemented in JavaScript, that allows you to automate many of the functions that take up most of your daily work. You can use them to do anything, from as simple as pulling data down into an easy-to-manage spreadsheet, to implementing “smart” alerts and decisions to your campaigns. With a little knowledge of JavaScript, really anything that might take you hours manually can be done on an hourly basis automatically.

Google provides this API to AdWords users for no extra cost, so really there isn’t any reason not to take advantage of this great tool. If you want to learn more, you can head on over to see some tutorials Google has set up, or see this article from SearchEngineWatch.
FreeAdwordsScripts.com lets you dive into usefulness of AdWords Scripts even if you know nothing about JavaScript. It’s a blog that posts regularly, so it can’t hurt to follow it just like you do ours.
A new blog post I did on 1800Doorbell.com:  Business First Impressions.

Jul 22, 2013

Things I did around the net today:

Still Working on the 1800doorbell campaign.  Got a new video idea we are working, it is going to be awesome!
So, blogging....  I have started many times to blog but when you have to write content for a living personal bloviating takes a back seat.   So, here is one more try.