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Jul 24, 2013

For Faster, Easier PPC Use Adwords Scripts

Running an Adwords campaign can be a lot of work. Sometimes if feels like a constant job, making sure that budgets aren’t hit too early while still getting your ads the up-time you need them to have.

At least, it would feel that way, if AdWords Scripts didn’t exist. Google provides an API, implemented in JavaScript, that allows you to automate many of the functions that take up most of your daily work. You can use them to do anything, from as simple as pulling data down into an easy-to-manage spreadsheet, to implementing “smart” alerts and decisions to your campaigns. With a little knowledge of JavaScript, really anything that might take you hours manually can be done on an hourly basis automatically.

Google provides this API to AdWords users for no extra cost, so really there isn’t any reason not to take advantage of this great tool. If you want to learn more, you can head on over to see some tutorials Google has set up, or see this article from SearchEngineWatch.
FreeAdwordsScripts.com lets you dive into usefulness of AdWords Scripts even if you know nothing about JavaScript. It’s a blog that posts regularly, so it can’t hurt to follow it just like you do ours.

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