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Aug 8, 2013

The art of self promotion

I'm today's fast paced world social media has become the defacto way to keep up.  More people get their news, information and even find products and services through this new age media.  But you have to be relevant.  Just posting for the sake of being on social media is rapidly becoming the way to get ignored.  This defeats the whole purpose of being on the internet all together.

I have been experimenting with relevancy and it is very difficult!  How do I post content that people want to read, interact with and share?  And how do I do it everyday without resulting to re-posting other peoples re-hashed spam?  These are the questions I have been working out over the last few weeks and I am slowly finding new and different ways to be relevant:

A comic I drew was tweeted by the reporter on Oregonlive.com.

Another comic I drew was used in a Facebook campaign and has been well interacted with. I learned that it is not possible to edit a post so I need to double check my spelling!

I signed up for Pintrest: not sure yet how I am going to use it to be relevant, but there are a lot of people there so we will see.

I am trying to write quality blog posts for my customers and have quality blog posts on our Portland Advertising Agency site.

These are just a few ways I am striving for relevancy, but it is a learning process and I hope to improve with time.  Look for better blog posts, new comics and other great content as I improve.  Ultimately I hope to position myself and Side 2 as a dominant content creation ad agency.

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